15 Best Pubs and Bars in Norwich

The story goes that Norwich has a pub for every day of the year – from January 1st to December 31st, there is a different pub to visit for each day. Between you and me, this legend is no longer true. But Norwich’s pub-prowess remains nonetheless impressive. 

Around 150 public houses still operate, helping Norwich to be one of the most pub-dense cities in the UK. 

But with that many places to drink, a little guidance can never go amiss. Luckily, I’ve got a few years of Norwich-living at my back. And having been a university student during that time, I may have found myself in a bar or two.

But less of me perpetuating student stereotypes. Here’s the list of the best pubs and bars in Norwich.

Map of the Best Pubs and Bars in Norwich

The Fat Cat 

Address: 49 W End St, Norwich NR2 4NA, United Kingdom

The king of Norwich real ale pubs. 

We are talking pub royalty here. Have you ever heard of The Good Pub Guide, a renowned brew house guide that hands out an annual Beer Pub of the Year award? Well, The Fat Cat in Norwich has won that particular award 11 times. It doesn’t even end there. Since 2016, The Fat Cat hasn’t not won the award. 2016: Beer Pub of the Year. 2017: Beer Pub of the Year. 2018: Beer Pub of Year. 2019: Beer Pub of… you get the picture. Colin and Marjie really know what they’re doing. 

The Fat Cat is the place to go for a stellar lineup of ales, stouts, bitters, and everything in between. You’ll even be able to taste some of The Fat Cat’s very own brews. I’m a pale ale kind of guy – you tell me if that’s a good or bad thing. So, the Fat Cat’s Cougar brew was the one for me. 

As if the place didn’t have enough awards, The Fat Cat also received the Best Pub 2021 award from the British Food Awards. 

In short, The Fat Cat is an award-winning pub with award-winning ales and award-winning food. You can’t go wrong. 

Last Pub Standing 

Address: 27-29 King St, Norwich NR1 1PD, United Kingdom

Sign at Last Pub Standing, Norwich
Source: Abbie at Last Pub Standing

Last Pub Standing: named so for being, as the title suggests, the last pub standing on King Street. For context, before the Licensing Act of 1904, the Second World War, and various other events, King Street was home to 57 other public houses. 

So, as they say themselves, “raise a glass then to the lost taverns, tap houses and inns of King Street.” 

Expect more than just a pint if the weather is fine. Last Pub Standing puts on upbeat BBQs to make the most of their outdoor space during the summer months.

There’s always something to enjoy here: cold beer, outdoor seating, live music, trivia, televised sports and more. Last Pub Standing even hosts a great in-house pop-up kitchen called Norwich Soul Kitchen. They serve up Sunday roast, burgers, BBQ pulled pork loaded roasties, and more. Last Pub Standing really is a community taphouse. 

From the Staff

Our food comes from our in-house pop-up kitchen – Norwich Soul Kitchen. The absolutest favourite thing on the menu would be the Filthy Burger upgraded with a Chicken Stack! It’s 2 x 4oz juicy beef patties with smoked bacon and dirty cheese sauce, topped with Caribbean Fried Chicken and with a side of jerk salt fries. It is a BEAST!

– Abbie at Last Pub Standing

BrewDog Norwich 

Address: 1 Queen St, Norwich NR2 4SG, United Kingdom

Whether you’re in the area after seeing a film at Cinema City, or you just fancy a bite and a beer, get yourself into BrewDog. 

BrewDog itself is a brand that needs little introduction these days. The creator of the now-famous Punk IPA has undoubtedly picked up steam in recent years. Even now being a chain establishment, BrewDog’s Norwich location still deserves your attention. 

Pick from any of the 25 on-tap beers, and then bag yourself a generous portion of BBQ wings. Obviously, Punk IPA is the brand headliner. But if you ask me, Elvis Juice is the brew to go for – an American-style IPA with a grapefruit addition. 

Bottom line, there’s a reason BrewDog has grown the way it has. The Norwich location is a worthy spot to spend an evening. 

Frank’s Bar 

Address: 19 Bedford St, Norwich NR2 1AR, United Kingdom

Frank's Bar, Norwich
Source: James at Frank’s Bar

You’ve got your traditional real ale pubs, and then you’ve got your hip little bars. Frank’s is the latter. 

If you’re looking for a laidback spot to share some quality drinks with a friend, then Frank’s is the place. Candles on tables and good music playing in the background make for a great atmosphere.

Frank’s doubles as a café during the day. So don’t be shy – grab a bite to eat during the day and then return in the evening for a margarita or two.

From the Staff

We do quite a range of food and drinks – breakfast, lunch, dinner, coffee and cake to cocktails. I would say that a reliable favourite is our espresso martini and our flat iron steak too!

James at Frank’s Bar

Andrew’s Brew House 

Address: 41 St Andrews St, Norwich NR2 4TP, United Kingdom

Trivia for your next pub quiz: St. Andrew’s was my pub of choice for a post-university graduation beer (maybe one day, that might be a question). 

Anyway, St Andrew’s Brew House is another of Norwich’s beer houses that hosts its own range of brews. Again, as a pale ale drinker, their Grocer’s Ghost was always my first port of call. 

Aside from just being a great spot to sink a few pints, St. Andrew’s takes its passion for the brewery life very seriously. For those that share a fondness for the craft, Andrew’s Brew House offers the chance to get hands-on with the brewing of its beers for a day – you’ll also take home a selection of your favourite house beers. 

So, if you find yourself a little parched in and around Townland, consider popping into St. Andrew’s Brew House for a refreshing tipple. 

The Black Horse

Address: 50 Earlham Rd, Norwich NR2 3DE, United Kingdom

Find yourself heading into the city via the busy Earlham Road, and you’ll pass right by this beloved neighbourhood pub

For over 300 years, The Black Horse has stood and served. 

The large pub garden is its premier attraction – a space that was once used as a bowling green during the Victorian and Edwardian eras. You’ll find plenty of benches decorated with festooned lights – the perfect atmosphere to nurse a local craft ale. 

The Black Horse is a pub for all seasons. Sink into one of the indoor sofas during the winter months, or drink outside if the sun is shining. Whatever time of year, just make sure to look out for Colin, the resident pooch. He’s the star of the show. 

The Murderers (aka. The Gardeners Arms)

Address: 2-8 Timber Hill, Norwich NR1 3LB, United Kingdom

The Murderers, Norwich
Source: Philip at The Murderers

The Murderers gives The Black Horse a run for its money. Think being over 300 years old is historic? Well, The Murderers dates back to 1530. That makes it one of the last family-owned free houses in the city. 

The Murderers is a pub full of nooks and crannies, a real architectural relic from centuries gone by – a rustic aesthetic that only adds to the place’s character.

Still, The Murderers does have all the modern essentials to help it keep up with the times. If there’s a major sporting event, it’ll be shown on TV here.

When you stop by to grab a beer, make sure to ask why the place got its macabre nickname. 

From the Staff

My food recommendations are locally sourced fish and chips with homemade tartare sauce, and the homemade burgers topped with homemade chili beef.

To drink – we stock a number of locally brewed cask ales – many of these ales are brewed in Norwich, made with malting barley grown in the fields of North Norfolk. They are recognised as some of the best malt in the world, and used across the world – making many of our beers from ‘grain to glass’ less than 30 miles!

Our house ale is a light and refreshing light ale, with fruity subtle flavours of blackcurrant – called Edith Cavell. It’s named after the local heroine, who was executed during WW1, for reptriating injured servicemen – and celebrated with a statue in Central London.

– Philip at The Murderers

The Mischief 

Address: 8 Fye Bridge St, Norwich NR3 1HZ, United Kingdom

A pub I’ve frequented many a time – mostly on university bar crawls. The Mischief is a real student’s pub. Though, locals do populate it too. The only reason I call it a student’s pub is the £3.50 triple spirit and mixer that they offer. That definitely sets off any pub crawl with a bang. 

In all seriousness, though, The Mischief is one of Norwich’s best cheap and cheerful pubs. The prices are very affordable, and the atmosphere is always lively. Pair a free-for-all jukebox with some cool in-house gimmicks (buy yourself a drink and then roll a die; if you get a 6, you’ll get another on the house), and you have yourself a relatively upbeat atmosphere. 

Venture here on a Friday night to see it in full swing. 

Lamb Inn

Address: Lamb Yard, Orford Pl, Norwich NR1 3RU, United Kingdom

On the other end of the spectrum to The Mischief, you have Lamb Inn. That’s not to say that the Lamb is without atmosphere; calm is perhaps the right word to use. 

The pub itself can be found in the very heart of the city, tucked away in a courtyard that is surrounded by some of the city’s busiest shops. Pass through the little alley that leads to the Lamb Inn, though, and you’ll be forgiven for thinking you’re not in the centre of the hustle and bustle anymore. 

Taking a seat inside isn’t the wrong choice – the tables by the open fire are a great spot for when the weather closes in. But don’t pass on one of the courtyard tables so quick. Plus, even if it is cold, the heaters will keep it comfortable. So, grab yourself a group of mates, and pile onto one of the outdoor benches – this is one of the best pubs for a social brew. 

The Belgian Monk 

Address: 7 Pottergate, Norwich NR2 1DS, United Kingdom

The Belgian Monk, Norwich
Source: Rebecca at The Belgian Monk

If continental beers are your brew of choice, specifically Belgian, then this is the pub for you. 

The Belgian Monk’s shows that life is best when kept simple; good beers, served the traditional way – each of the pub’s Belgian brews are served in its own unique glass, be it bottled or draught. 

Including its Belgian offerings, The Monk has a rather impressive roster of around 45 beers in house, so patrons rarely find themselves lacking a choice of tipple. Pair that variety with a hearty menu of continental-based food, and you’ve got one heck of a place. 

From the Staff

The Belgian Monk is famous for its cherry beer Ter Dolen Kriek but another one that is gaining popularity and is one of my favourites it Petrus nitro cherry chocolate it  has been described by many as a black forest gateaux in a glass.

– Rebecca at The Belgian Monk

William & Florence 

Address: 111 Unthank Rd, Norwich NR2 2PE, United Kingdom

During my tenure in Norwich, an evening drink down the ‘Will & Flo’ became a common occurrence. No, I promise I didn’t have a drinking problem – the William & Florence was just a really pleasant place to kick back with friends. Even on cold evenings, sitting on the streetside beer patio is thoroughly enjoyable. 

The Will & Flo is a beautiful place – a sign that the management care very much for the experience of their customers. And that care is genuinely felt on the paying side of the bar.  

Swing by any day of the week and you’ll see groups of patrons all sharing good conversation over some good drinks – I’d even wager that most would be regulars, as the Will & Flo is definitely a spot to return to often.

Gonzo’s Tea Room 

Address: 68 London St, Norwich NR2 1JT, United Kingdom

Now, for a change of pace. 

Gonzo’s holds a special place in many people’s hearts as one of the city’s most laidback and hip watering holes. Think eclectic American log cabin interior paired with antique red leather sofas. Think relaxed wine drinking during the day and then upbeat disco cocktails at night. I haven’t even mentioned the rooftop terrace yet, either. 

I’ve yet to meet someone that isn’t a fan of Gonzo’s

Head over on a Friday evening to find the disco in full swing. Grab yourself a slush-tini whilst you’re there.

Mr Postles’ Apothecary 

Address: 2 Upper King St, Norwich NR3 1HA, United Kingdom

In true apothecary fashion, you will be drinking potions here. Though rather than Disney’s evil witch stirring the cauldron, one of Mr Postles’ cocktail chemists will be doing the deed. 

Mr Postles’ is the place to go if you’re after something a bit experimental – give their Fish Out of Water cocktail a go if you’re a fan of Instagram-worthy dry ice flair. But, if you find yourself more of a fan of the classics, you’ll easily be able to track down a mojito or Cuba libre. Whatever beverage you end up going for, rest assured that it’ll be of the very best quality – cocktails are Mr Postles’ speciality. 

Don’t be afraid to head here for some food, too – the menu caters for all dietary requirements. 

Rooftop Gardens 

Address: The Union Building, 51-59 Rose Ln, Norwich NR1 1BY, United Kingdom

Now, Rooftop Gardens does stray into the realms of more expensive drinking locations. But I thought it was at least worth a mention on this list. It’s not like every pub or bar in Norwich has 360-degree views of the city. 

Second caveat: Rooftop Gardens is, first and foremost, a restaurant. But – stay with me – you can most definitely book yourself a terrace spot to enjoy top-shelf drinks of an evening. 

In keeping with the place’s refinement, expect to be well-taken care of by the staff. It’s one of the few places I’ve been where I’ve had my jacket taken for me. 

So yes, having some drinks here will cost a prettier penny than most other establishments. But for a one-off, I think it’s worth it.

Bar SU

Address: University of East Anglia, Norwich NR4 7TJ, United Kingdom

I wanted to see how long I could hold off mentioning UEA’s campus bar, but I just had to include it. It’s definitely a place, being a university alum, where I have a lot of experience. But don’t confuse my personal experience at the bar with favouritism. Bar SU stands up as a good, cheap place to grab a cold beer. 

As a university bar, the drinks come cheaper than at most of the city’s independent pubs. And then you have the atmosphere. True, the campus atmosphere is not for everyone. But, for those that do like a lively location – few places in town are as busy on a daily basis. 

Yes, you’ll rarely find yourself out by UEA without reason. But if you do have reason to head towards the university campus – maybe there’s a gig at the LCR that you have your eye on – stopping in at Bar SU for a drink is highly recommended. 

Want to blend in? Order a snakebite – a mix of lager and cider, pumped with some blackcurrant cordial.

Final Thoughts 

Norwich: it’s a place that truly holds its drinking heritage dear. While it may not be the city of 600 pubs that it used to be – the brewery culture that that historic feat implanted still endures.

Whatever your drinking taste, Norwich has an answer. Multiple even. A real ale enthusiast? The Fat Cat is an absolute must. The Belgian Monk and St. Andrew’s Brew House too. Fancy yourself a cocktail instead? Gonzo’s or Mr Postles‘ are calling. Sink a pint in a historic taphouse? Norwich has options by the bucketload. 

Whatever or wherever you drink, Norwich will always facilitate a good time. 

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