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7 Best Hostels in Newcastle: Picked by a Local

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I was born in Newcastle. And as an unsurprising consequence, I’ve spent much of my life there. It’s one of my favorite cities on the planet (how biased of me, I know), and it’s a lovely place to visit.

Highlights include great nightlife, a compact center, the underrated Ouseburn, and nearby Northumberland (home to some of my favorite hikes, hills, and coastal towns).

And because Newcastle sits in the far north of England, it’s also a good choice for a budget trip. So, in honor of that, Budget Travel Plans have brought you the seven best hostels in Newcastle. Sling your guidebook in the trash, and come join the pound-saving party!

Coming up in this guide:

  • Easy-to-reach eating and drinking
  • Some underrated outskirts
  • 7 affordable accommodations
  • Insider tips for the friendliest city in England

Quick Answer: What Are the Best Hostels in Newcastle?

Best LocationAlbatross
Best Hostel for Solo TravelersAlbatross
Best Hostel for CoupleseasyHotel Newcastle

Budget-Friendly Hostels in Newcastle


Albatross, Newcastle
Source: Albatross
Address:51 Grainger St, Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 5JE, United Kingdom
Phone:+44 191 233 1330
Hotel rating:2-star hotel
Location score:9.7/10
Hostelworld rating:8.4/10
Google rating:4.2/5
Shared dorm starting price:£32/night
Private room starting price:£64/night

Best for: staying right in the center, good proximity to nightlife, and making some friends 

Albatross is the most well-known hostel in Newcastle. While it might be pretty basic, it’s an excellent place to stay.

It’s clean and tidy, the staff are friendly, and there’s a decent communal spirit (though, because Newcastle is small, it isn’t as sociable or exciting as you might be hoping for). Plus, the kitchen is big, with everything you need to cook a decent meal.

Most people come to Newcastle to party (and this place is located right in the heart of partyville). But despite that, Albatross is still pretty quiet and respectful, so you shouldn’t be kept awake by boogy-loving backpackers.

Local’s Insider Tip

Of all the hostels in Newcastle, Albatross is in the most central location — most locals will tell you this is the very center of the city. 

Close-by worth exploring places include tiny Pink Lane Bakery (offering some of the best cakes I’ve ever eaten), Tilleys Bar (a nice balance between hip and local), Pink Lane Coffee, and the small-but-busy Chinatown. Make sure you head to some of the Chinatown bakeries.

Top nightlife choices here include Irish-inspired Filthy’s, hipster favorite Alvino’s, and Newcastle institution Cosy Joe’s.

Kabannas Newcastle

Kabannas Newcastle
Source: Kabannas Newcastle
Address:17 Carliol Square, Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 6UQ, United Kingdom
Phone:+44 191 814 1878
Hotel rating:2-star hotel
Location score:9.0/10 rating:8.1/10
Google rating:4.0/5
Shared dorm starting price:£26/night
Private room starting price:£60/night

Best for: non-solo travelers who want a clean and central base 

Kabannas is a little more fancy and modern than Albatross but also slightly more clinical. The beds are comfortable, the staff are friendly, it’s all very clean and tidy, and the breakfast is good.

Again, it’s not the most sociable place in the world. If you’re traveling with someone, that won’t matter to you. If you want to make friends, choose Albatross instead.

In case you’re wondering, Kabbana’s Newcastle used to be the YHA Newcastle. It’s the same building and place, but a different team manages it now.

Local’s Insider Tip

Kabannas sits right beside Tiny Tiny (formerly ‘Flat Caps Coffee’), one of my favorite cafes in the city. I guarantee you’ll fall in love with the place.

Other venues within a 5-minute walk include Tyneside Cinema (a great independent cinema with loads of unique events), Dabbawal (for the best Indian food in the city), and the Grainger Market (a daytime indoor market offering an appealing mish-mash of modern, trendy hangouts and age-old stalls).


Source: Sleeperdorm
Address:52 Elswick Rd, Newcastle upon Tyne NE4 6JH, United Kingdom
Phone:+44 191 272 3685
Hotel rating:3-star hotel
Location score:7.4/10 rating:8.0/10
Google rating:3.8/5
Shared dorm starting price:N/A (You book the entire room)
Private room starting price:£60/night

Best for: couples, people seeking a quiet hostel, and a location away from the center

With soundproofed private rooms and a private atmosphere (ie, not particularly sociable), Sleeperdorm is a good choice for couples and non-solo travelers.

And because it’s not in Newcastle’s central stretch, it’s a good choice for families and anyone seeking a quiet stay. 

All rooms have tea and coffee facilities, and the beds are comfortable. The hostel is clean and tidy but feels a little office-like (it’s not the most homely place in the world).

Top Tip: Though we say this isn’t in the central stretch, don’t worry—within ten minutes of walking, you’ll be in the center of the city. As you’re finding out by now, the center of Newcastle (though packed with fun stuff) is very small.

Local’s Insider Tip

Sleeperdorm sits on the city’s western outskirts, an 8-minute walk from the iconic free-to-enter Discovery Museum (worth visiting if traveling with kids). The Life Science Center is another good pick for families. 

Other nearby fun spots include Alphabetti Theater (a cozy independent venue with a focus on local artists), Lane7 Newcastle (a bowling alley with arcades, darts, beer pong, and more), and Moulin Rouge Cafe & Grill (a canteen-style laid-back local joint with some of the best Persian food I’ve ever eaten).

Budget Hostel

Budget Hostel
Source: Budget Hostel
Address:90 Shields Rd, Byker, Newcastle upon Tyne NE6 1DL, United Kingdom
Hotel rating:2-star hotel
Location score:5.7/10 rating:4.1/10
Google rating:2.8/5
Shared dorm starting price:£20/night
Private room starting price:£27/night

Best for: meeting some hipsters, saving some money, and exploring the best part of the city 

Above, we’ve already brought you the only three good hostels in central Newcastle (don’t sweat; we have some alternative options coming up soon).

But if those Newcastle hostels aren’t affordable enough, you might consider staying at the appropriately named (and unimaginatively-named) Budget Hostel.

It’s a bit dirty and certainly not an inspiring place to stay. So, calling it one of the best hostels in Newcastle is probably a bit of a stretch. 

But you get a bed, toilet, and an accommodation that won’t cost you too much money. You don’t get much else, but it’s reasonable for saving some cash.

That said, there’s one major perk of staying at this place. And I’ve covered it next…

Local’s Insider Tip

Newcastle is small and compact, and you can easily explore any part of Newcastle from any other part of Newcastle. 

But this hostel is right beside the Ouseburn, my favorite part of the city by far. It’s hip and happening but trendy in a totally unpretentious way.

Must-visit parts of the Ouseburn include The Valley (one of the best and biggest bouldering walls I’ve ever been to), Tyne Bar (great beer, great food, and cheap food Tuesdays), The Free Trade Inn (knockabout and unpretentious, but the best pub in the city), Seven Stories (the UK’s National Center for Children’s Books), and a neighborhood petting zoo.

… and for some unique historical insights, get yourself over to the sort-of-creepy Victoria Tunnel. Once a coal route, then a bomb shelter, now a sporadic gig venue. Strange!

easyHotel Newcastle

easyHotel Newcastle
Source: easyHotel Newcastle
Address:23-29, Side Proctor House, Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 3JL, United Kingdom
Phone:+44 191 229 9210
Hotel rating:1-star hotel
Location score:9.0/10 rating:7.4/10
Google rating:3.7/5
Shared dorm starting price:N/A
Private room starting price:£37/night

Best for: being close to the riverside, excellent tucked-away pubs, and more privacy than a hostel 

easyHotel Newcastle isn’t actually a hostel. Instead, it’s a budget hotel. 

But get this: it’s literally cheaper than some of the hostels in Newcastle. So it’s a good budget option for people who don’t care about making friends. 

Okay, some of the hotel rooms don’t have windows (lol—if you want to see the outside, you can go outside), and you don’t get any exciting perks. But you get a comfy bed and a nice shower, and it’s all clean and tidy. The staff are friendly, and the whole place has a welcoming atmosphere.

Overall, easyHotel Newcastle is best suited to couples. You get comfort, privacy, and excellent proximity to some of the most couple-friendly hangouts in the city.

Local’s Insider Tip

easyHotel is in a great part of Newcastle.

Head just the tiniest bit south, and you’ll find yourself on the Quayside, the city’s riverside stretch. From here, you can tackle bike rides west (to the little town of Wylam and beyond), and east (to reach the coast).

Hangouts on the Quayside include the Baltic (an art gallery inside an old flour mill), The Sage (a bug-shaped music venue), and the brilliant-on-a-sunny-day By The River Brew Co. If you like people-watching spots with lots of places to eat and drink, you’ll love staying in this area.

Even closer to the hotel, you’ll find The Crown Posada (a real traditional slice of old-school UK pub life), Uno’s Trattoria (a family-run Italian restaurant offering top-quality authentic fayre), and The Bridge Tavern (a hip pub with craft beers and beer flights).

Osborne Hotel

Osborne Hotel
Source: Osborne Hotel
Address:13-15 Osborne Rd, Jesmond, Newcastle upon Tyne NE2 2AE, United Kingdom
Phone:+44 191 281 3385
Hotel rating:2-star hotel
Location score:9.2/10 rating:8.7/10
Google rating:4.5/5
Shared dorm starting price:N/A
Private room starting price:£36/night

Best for: a tasty breakfast, excellent value, and staying in the residential(ish) area of Jesmond

Osborne Hotel is another hotel (rather than a hostel) but is also a great budget-friendly pick.

Sort of halfway between a typical hotel and a typical bed & breakfast joint, this place has 22 rooms and serves up a very tasty Full English breakfast every day. 

It’s clean and tidy, the staff are accommodating and smiley, and I reckon it’s the best-value accommodation option in all of Newcastle.

Homely and wholesome, staying here is like staying in your grandma’s house. I guarantee you’ll love the place.

Local’s Insider Tip

This hotel sits in Jesmond, one of the nicest parts of Newcastle. 

Cozy and quaint, it’s a little neighborhood of its own… but you can be in the city center by public transport within ten minutes.

Some of the neighborhood’s top hangouts include Peace and Loaf (one of the most upmarket restaurants in the city), Jam Jar (a charming cafe-cum-pub), and Fat Hippo Jesmond (for some of the best burgers you’ve ever munched on).

Under-the-radar highlights in the neighborhood include pottery classes at The Pottery Experience and green and serene Jesmond Dene (where you’ll find a busy waterfall!).

… oh, and make sure you also visit Rehill’s. From the outside, it looks like a typical convenience store. But it’s a little grotto of tucked-away fun, offering rare craft beers, freshly cooked Indian snacks, and other interesting treats. A real insider secret!

Radcliffe’s Lodge

Radcliffes Lodge
Source: Radcliffes Lodge
Address:Coble Quay, Amble, Morpeth NE65 0FB, United Kingdom
Phone:+44 166 525 2122
Hotel rating:3-star hotel
Location score:9.8/10 rating:9.3/10
Google rating:4.9/5
Shared dorm starting price:N/A
Private room starting price:£105/night

Best for: getting remote and rural and prioritizing Northumberland over Newcastle 

We’re rounding off this list with something really leftfield.

Let’s say you’re only traveling to Newcastle to explore nearby Northumberland’s hikes, hills, and beaches. 

If you are, Radcliffe’s Lodge is exactly where you want to stay.

It sits in the coastal town of Amble, one of the area’s best bases for outdoor adventures. Though the town is relatively busy (with some shops and pubs), it’s also surprisingly remote… and close to lots of hikes, beaches, and other excitement. 

The accommodation is clean and spacious, and it’s by far the most pleasant and upmarket place we’ve featured on this list. The communal area is big and friendly, the kitchen is clean and well-equipped, and the showers are good. Other features include bike storage, comfortable beds, and a decent breakfast.

For the right type of person, staying in Radcliffe’s Lodge is much more interesting than staying in any of the Newcastle hostels. If you’re outdoorsy, it comes with a massive recommendation from me—and Amble is only a 45-minute drive from the heart of Newcastle anyway!

Local’s Insider Tip

Make sure you head to colorfully housed Alnmouth, one of my favorite coastal towns in the world (it’s only 6 miles / 9.5 km from Amble). 

Other nearby must-visits include Warkworth (with its massive castle), Morwick Dairy (offering some of the best ice cream you’ll have ever slurped on), and Craster (most famous for serving up tasty kippers).

And if you want to go hiking, your two best options are Wooler (where you’ll find the iconic Cheviots!) and Rothbury (home to Simonside, some riverside walks, and super-popular Cragside House).

Things to Do in Newcastle

From exploring the historic Newcastle Castle and strolling along the picturesque Quayside to indulging in the city’s renowned culinary scene, there’s something for everyone. For a more immersive experience, consider joining a guided tour, where knowledgeable locals will lead you through the city’s hidden gems. One of the top choices for booking tours is through GetYourGuide. Explore their selection of Newcastle experiences below:

FAQs about Hostels in Newcastle

What is the average price for a hostel in Newcastle?

The average price for a hostel in Newcastle can vary depending on the time of year, location, and amenities offered.

Generally, you can expect to find hostel prices in Newcastle as follows:

  • £15 to £20 per night for a bed in a shared dorm room
  • £50 and £90 per night for a private dorm room

Of course, the earlier you book, the better the deals you get. So book now if you can!

Whatever the case, traveling in Newcastle is a little cheaper than traveling in most other UK cities.

Where can I book Newcastle Hostels?

Our favorite place to book Newcastle hostels is through Hostelworld and to compare prices and read additional reviews.

Further Reading

Alright, globetrotters, there they are, the seven best hostels in Newcastle!

Your two best actual hostel options in the city center are Albatross and Kabannas. Or, for exploring a different area, get yourself to Radcliffe’s Lodge. 

Looking for more accommodations in the UK? Read our articles below:

Thanks for reading, thanks for choosing Budget Travel Plans, and thanks in advance for coming back in the future. Enjoy Newcastle!

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