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11 Best Hostels in Kutaisi: Affordable Stays in Georgia’s Historic Gem

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Until just a few weeks ago, I was living in Kutaisi.

The third-biggest place in Georgia, the city itself admittedly isn’t the most exciting destination in the world (and there’s much less to do here than in Tbilisi and Batumi).

But (I’ll stop being negative here, I promise), it’s the least touristy big city in Georgia (good for seeing an authentic slice of life), and it’s BY FAR the nation’s best city-base for exploring outdoor adventures. 

For those reasons, it’s a lovely place to spend a few days. And even better news for you, you can get some great cut-price accommodation here. Most Kutaisi hostels are very affordable compared to overnight options in Tbilisi and Batumi. 

So, today, your good buddies at Budget Travel Plans are taking you around the 11 best hostels in Kutaisi. Bring your backpack and come join the fun!

Coming up in this guide:

  • Affordable accommodation
  • House-like hostels
  • Lots of friendly locals
  • Some underrated outdoor adventures

Quick Answer: What Are the Best Hostels in Kutaisi?

Best LocationBao Hostel
Best Hostel for Solo TravelersBlack Tomato or Dingo Backpackers
Best Hostel for CouplesBao Hostel

Budget-Friendly Hostels in Kutaisi

Bao Hostel

Bao Hostel
Source: Bao Hostel
Address:18 Tsereteli St, Kutaisi 4600, Georgia
Phone:+995 551 44 47 74
Location score:9.8/10
Hostelworld rating:9.7/10
Google rating:4.9/5
Shared dorm starting price:₾35/night
Private room starting price:₾104/night

Best for: a perfect location, sipping on local chacha, and staying in one of the homeliest hostels you’ve ever seen

If you want the best combo of location and accommodation, this is the best hostel in Kutaisi.

Perks include a pretty wooden terrace, living-room-style decor, a big, well-stocked kitchen, a sociable atmosphere, good AC (useful during the hot Kutaisi summers), comfortable beds, two cute cats, and on-site homemade chacha (an iconic Georgian spirit).

It’s clean and tidy, and they offer excellent tours. 

They have one dorm room, two double rooms, and one twin room… so it feels a little more like a hotel than a hostel. But it’s massively recommended regardless, and it’s great for couples.

Local’s Insider Tip

Some of my favorite spots close to Bao Hostel include…

  • Tea House Foe-Foe: my favorite cafe in the city; their pancakes are tasty, the staff are friendly, and the music is good. It’s an excellent spot for a bit of remote working.
  • Piatto: a cafe in a bookshop. Sitting here admittedly does feel a bit like sitting in a library. But the coffee is nice, and it’s the best remote-working option in the city.
  • Bikentia’s Kebabery: an old-school canteen-style eatery selling only kebabs, bread, and beer. I usually love retro throwbacks like this. But, sadly, the food seems to be made of 83% salt and 17% despair. It’s still worth visiting, just for its old-school charm.

Bao Hostel is also close to Kutaisi’s famous White Bridge. Cross that bridge, then turn right onto Galaktion Tabidze Street… 

… this street is home to some of the city’s best venues. Two of my favorites are Wild (a cozy and comfy bar owned by two of my friends, home to a lovely half-blind beagle, and full of great beer and cocktails) and Mary’s Pub (an authentic Irish pub, with a big outdoor area, a rugged atmosphere, and live sport on TV). Visit them both.

Make sure you also head to El Depo. Though I think it’s a bit overrated, it’s Kutaisi’s most famous khinkali spot. And if you don’t eat khinkali while you’re in Georgia, you’re doing it wrong. 

Black Tomato

Black Tomato
Source: Black Tomato
Address:24 Jacob Gogebashvili Street, Kutaisi 4600, Georgia
Phone:+995 599 22 83 38
Location score:9.7/10
Hostelworld rating:9.7/10
Google rating:4.9/5
Shared dorm starting price:₾40/night
Private room starting price:₾120/night

Best for: great on-site food, staying in the center of the city, and loads of pretty decor

In terms of style and aesthetics, this is one of the best hostels in Kutaisi—expect kooky art, pastel colors, exposed brick, lots of flowers, and some pod-style beds.

The beds are spacious and comfy, the staff are friendly, the communal areas are welcoming, there’s an on-site wine bar, and they also offer a dinner menu.

Breakfast is a pricey 20 lari (around $7.50 USD at the time of writing), but it’s one of the best hostel breakfasts in the city. It includes a fresh khachapuri (a must-try Georgian pastry) and some salad, yogurt, and fruit.

All in all, this is the top Kutaisi hostel. It’s not as sociable or popular as Dingo, but it’s more charming and homely.

Local’s Insider Tip

Lying just a two-minute walk from the very center of Kutaisi, Black Tomato is close to loads of great stuff. 

Baraqa is the most crowd-pleasing restaurant in the city (perfect for families and big groups), while nearby Fleur (though the food isn’t great) has a pretty terrace.

You’re also close to Sisters (for the best Georgian food in the city) and Lilestan (a super-popular glass-fronted pretty place popular with Instagram junkies).

Dingo Backpackers Hostel

Dingo Backpackers Hostel
Source: Dingo Backpackers Hostel
Address:18 Kupradze Street, Kutaisi 4600, Georgia
Phone:+995 574 23 80 62
Location score:9.1/10
Hostelworld rating:9.3/10
Google rating:4.6/5
Shared dorm starting price:₾40/night
Private room starting price:₾112/night

Best for: making friends, catching trains, and underrated outdoor areas

Because this is the most well-known Kutaisi hostel, it’s a good place for buddying up—when I was living in the city, I often saw groups of Dingo guests out on pub crawls together.

Other perks of staying here include homemade wine, ‘family dinners’ (when hostel guests eat together), organized trips to nearby places, and even some cute hostel cats. It’s a little more expensive than other options but worth it for the sociable atmosphere. 

You have to pay extra for lockers and breakfast, and it’s not as clean or tidy as other options.

Local’s Insider Tip

Dingo Backpackers Hostel sits just behind Kutaisi’s main train station. 

Worth-visiting places in the area include Ziari Bar (a quirky neon hangout; it’s like visiting a robot’s living room), next-door Reflector (the most famous nightclub in the city), White Elephant (a super-informal but super-tasty Indian restaurant), and Story (well-known for its tasty desserts).

For a little city-center walk from here, head to nearby Sapichkhia Cemetery. And for one of the prettiest places in the city, the marked-on-Google-Maps ‘River Swim’ is only a 30-minute wander from the hostel. Take some buddies, take a picnic, lie in the sun, swim in the river, and make friends with the street dogs. You’ll fall in love with the place.

Top tip: although the city’s main train station is here, Kutaisi’s (infrequent) high-speed trains don’t run through this station; instead, they run through Rioni train station. So if you want to head to Tbilisi or Batumi by train, take a train from Rioni instead.


Source: StarHostel
Address:37 4600 Tamar Mepe Street, Kutaisi, Georgia
Phone:+995 431 25 14 25
Location score:9.2/10
Booking.com rating:7.8/10
Google rating:3.8/5
Shared dorm starting price:₾25/night
Private room starting price:₾110/night

Best for: sipping on free alcohol and saving some money 

Let’s be honest; this Kutaisi hostel isn’t great. But it’s cheap, and they offer free alcohol—so I guess it’s not all bad. 

Is it one of the best hostels in Kutaisi? No. But is it a reasonable budget pick? Yes. 

Perks include bike rental, comfortable mattresses, and bed privacy curtains. Cons include below-average cleanliness, unwelcoming staff, an uninteresting atmosphere, and what one reviewer called “really weird vibes.” 

If all you care about is saving money, you might want to stay here. If you have other priorities, you probably won’t.

Local’s Insider Tip

StarHostel sits very close to Black Tomato… so all the things I recommended for Black Tomato, I’m also recommending for StarHostel. Easy!

Hostel Kutaisi by Kote

Hostel Kutaisi by Kote
Source: Hostel Kutaisi by Kote
Address:18 Gorki St, Kutaisi, Georgia
Phone:+995 593 54 85 07
Location score:9/10
Booking.com rating:9.3/10
Google rating:4.7/5
Shared dorm starting price:N/A
Private room starting price:₾60/night

Best for: pretty city views, wandering in the little Kutaisi hills, and feeling like you’ve temporarily joined a Georgian family 

Cozy, comfy, and homely, these guys take hospitality off the scale. Expect great home-cooked meals, lots of wine and cha cha, pretty balconies, friendly hosts, and lots of advice on things to do. And the breakfasts you get here are reminiscent of those in rural parts of Georgia (i.e., big!).

In truth, Hostel Kutaisi by Kote is more like a guest house than a hostel. But no matter what you want to call the place, it’s a ridiculously endearing place to stay.

Yes, it’s not technically one of the best hostels in Kutaisi. But it’s absolutely one of the best places to stay in Kutaisi—and it’s around as affordable anyway. 

The only real downfall here is that you’re far from the center (expect an uphill walk when you’re wandering back to the hostel), and its restaurants, cafes, bars, and conveniences.

Local’s Insider Tip

This place sits in an unusual part of the city… but it’s the prettiest part of the city by far:

Kutaisi’s most famous attraction is the massive Bagrati Cathedral, which sits high above the rest of the city on a little hill. No matter where you are in Kutaisi, you can usually see Bagrati…

… and Hostel Kutaisi by Kote sits in the same part of the city, offering similar views and a similar little slice of old-world charm.

Other retro adventures in the area include Besik Gabashvili Amusement Park (a strange hilltop area with kids’ rides, little eateries, and a cable car), and the iconic Green Bazaar (shopping here feels like shopping in the 1950s—a genuine must-visit, expect haggling, wrinkled faces, and seasonal fruits and vegetables).

And if you want to tackle some city-center hiking, this is a good place to start—browse on Komoot, and you’ll see all the options. But here’s my top tip: wander north to the village of Jimastaro, and you’ll find easy but pretty trails taking you to Sataplia Nature Reserve.

Hostel Mandaria

Hostel Mandaria
Source: Hostel Mandaria
Address:4600, 33 Ilia Chavchavadze Ave, Kutaisi, Georgia
Phone:+995 599 67 76 77
Location score:9/10
Booking.com rating:9.4/10
Google rating:4.5/5
Shared dorm starting price:₾20/night
Private room starting price:₾30/night

Best for: guesthouse vibes, saving money, and many private rooms

Again, this place is more like a guesthouse than a hostel (which, yep, is a bit of a theme in Kutaisi). So, again, it’s not really one of the best hostels in Kutaisi, but it’s a nice place to stay.

They have one dorm room and various private-room options for solos, couples, and even full families. 

Hostel Mandaria is affordable (you won’t find many private rooms with this quality at this price) and clean, tidy, and friendly. The showers are good, the beds are comfortable, and the kitchen is well-equipped. 

It’s a bit basic and unimaginative, and you won’t make many friends here… but it’s a decent budget pick.

Local’s Insider Tip

Hostel Mandaria sits one street from Toma’s Wine Cellar, the best eating experience in the city. This isn’t a standard restaurant—instead, you visit a family home. They greet you, sit you in their basement, talk you through the menu, and give you whatever is seasonal. It is perfect for a romantic meal, and I can’t recommend it enough.

At nearby Chavchavadze Market, you’ll find loads of weird stores and stalls. A massive Soviet-style throwback (offering everything you can imagine and loads of things you can’t), it’s a fun way to fill a couple of hours.

Also in this area is Bude, which some people reckon is the best nightclub in the city. I haven’t been, but techno fans (which is most young Georgian people) seem to love the place.

As a nice bonus, Hostel Mandaria sits beside Kutaisi’s Central Bus Station—where most of the city’s minibusses travel through. If you’re going to (or coming from) Mestia, Tbilisi, Batumi, Poti, or Zugdidi, this is where your journey will start or end. A perfect location for easy traveling.

Hotel and Hostel Ticiani 15

Hotel and Hostel Ticiani 15
Source: Hotel and Hostel Ticiani 15
Address:Tician Tabidze Street 13, 4600 Kutaisi, Georgia
Location score:9.5/10
Booking.com rating:9.2/10
Google rating:N/A
Shared dorm starting price:₾45/night
Private room starting price:₾128/night

Best for: affordable elegance, eating an excellent breakfast, and staying somewhere modern

If you’re looking for modern and upmarket, this is one of the best hostels in Kutaisi.

Because it’s new, this place isn’t as well-known as most other entries on our list. But it’s central and chic, with white surfaces, wooden interiors, and exposed brick. Places this pretty aren’t usually this affordable.

Most rooms are private, but they also have a 6-bed dorm.

The excellent breakfast here is European-continental-style, with fruit, pastries (both Georgian and non-Georgian), cereals, salad, and juice. This place is a good option if you’re tired of Georgian-style breakfasts.

Other perks include comfortable beds, a sunny yard, big showers, and friendly staff. And they also offer buyable tasty wine.

The only real downfall is the lack of AC. Staying here is great for many reasons… but I wouldn’t come here in the middle of summer. 

Local’s Insider Tip

It’s close to StarHostel—so no extra tips for you here!

Hostel Look

Hostel Look
Source: Hostel Look
Address:9 Varlamishvili Street, Kutaisi 4600, Georgia
Phone:+995 571 18 51 85
Location score:9.8/10
Booking.com rating:9.4/10
Google rating:4.7/5
Shared dorm starting price:N/A
Private room starting price:₾70/night

Best for: privacy, people who actually just want an affordable hotel and not making friends

Another guesthouse-like vibe and another place that doesn’t bear much relation to a ‘standard’ hostel—there are no dorms here, only private rooms. There’s a well-equipped communal kitchen (with a small communal area), but Hostel Look is otherwise just like a homely hotel.

It’s clean and comfortable, the owner is friendly (and can provide lots of help and advice), and it’s affordable. 

If you’re traveling with others, this is a welcoming and budget-friendly place to stay. But if you’re alone and want to make friends, don’t bother.

Local’s Insider Tip

Hostel Look sits close to Bagrati Cathedral (but on the opposite side of the river). So, the things I recommended for Hostel Kutaisi by Kote, I also recommend here.

Other nearby highlights include some of the city’s most underrated attractions, including the Synagogue, the Holy Annunciation Temple, and the Botanical Garden.

And on top of all that, Hostel Look is also close to the very central stuff we’ve already brought you. All in all, it’s one of the best-located Kutaisi hostels.

Hotel Maspindzelo

Hotel Maspindzelo
Source: Hotel Maspindzelo
Address:Tsereteli Street 4-Th Dead-End, House# 4, Kutaisi, Georgia
Location score:9.3/10
Booking.com rating:8.6/10
Google rating:5/5
Shared dorm starting price:N/A
Private room starting price:₾100/night

Best for: cool rooms, homemade drinks, and family visits

Hostel Maspindzelo is very similar to Hostel Look. There are no dorm rooms here, and there’s no party atmosphere—so, again, apart from the prices, it’s not really a Kutaisi hostel at all.

There’s a shared dining area (where you can munch on a tasty Georgian breakfast), and they offer homemade wine and cha cha. But you probably won’t find yourself making a bunch of brand-new buddies. 

The bedrooms are clean and tidy, the decor is modern for a guesthouse, and the AC is reliable.

Again, this is best suited to couples and families who want hostel prices with family-hotel vibes.

Local’s Insider Tip

Hostel Maspindzelo is a one-minute walk from Bao Hostel. So, my recommendations for Bao Hostel are the same for this one!

Karma Hostel

Karma Hostel
Source: Karma Hostel
Address:Chikvanaia Street, Martvili 3100, Georgia
Phone:+995 555 94 05 04
Location score:8.9/10
Booking.com rating:9.4/10
Google rating:4.9/5
Shared dorm starting price:₾35/night
Private room starting price:₾140/night

Best for: outdoor adventures, getting all comfy and cozy, and staying in the heart of canyon-ville

Last up, an even more unusual option.

Karma Hostel sits in Martvili, around 30 miles (50km) northwest of Kutaisi. So you might be thinking, ‘hey Paul, why are you recommending this area when it’s so far away from the city I Googled?’

Well, Martvili Canyon is one of the most famous day trips from Kutaisi… 

… and sitting close to it are Okatse Canyon, Prometheus Cave, and Tskaltubo, three of Kutaisi’s other most famous day trips. 

So if you plan to spend most of your Kutaisi time in this rural region (rather than exploring the city itself), you might just want to stay in Martvili instead.

The hostel itself is one of the best hostels in Georgia. It’s friendly, sociable, and cozy. The decor is super chic and homely, the communal spaces are well-built for meeting others, and the showers are clean and modern. Other perks include excellent dinners and breakfasts (these guys serve the best food on our list), homemade drinks, bike rental, a big pretty garden, and arranged-by-the-hostel tours.

Local’s Insider Tip

As well as all the famous outdoor attractions in this area, there are also lots of not-famous outdoor attractions in this area. 

Some worth-visiting highlights include Balda Canyon, Kaghu Waterfall, Oniore Waterfall, Abhesi Waterfall (you can walk behind this one like you’re in some romantic film), loads of tucked-away picnic spots, and the one-day hiking loop around Balda and some of the waterfalls. 

Get a tour, car, or a driver… and explore them all.

If you want to spend most of your time outdoors, this is the best hostel in Kutaisi (even though it’s not actually in Kutaisi). But if you’re a little city-slicker, you’ll probably want to avoid this option.

Coworking & coliving new_level Georgia

Coworking & coliving new_level Georgia
Source: Coworking & coliving new_level Georgia
Address:Khomuli village, building 1, 1st dead end, 9th street, Tskaltubo 5400, Georgia
Phone:+995 574 59 44 88
Location score:N/A
Booking.com rating:N/A
Google rating:4.8/5
Shared dorm starting price:₾22/night
Private room starting price:₾32/night (one-week minimum)

Best for: remote working, building a community, and living in the middle of nowhere

If you’re a remote worker hanging around for a while, here’s something different.

Sitting 6 miles (9.5km) northwest of Kutaisi, new_level is in the little village of Gumbra. Rural and remote, it’s a real community place and feels more like a commune than a hostel. Expect team dinners, forest runs, yoga classes, a big coworking garden, a hostel cat, an on-site bar, and 7 ‘community principles.’

Accommodation options include big rooms, small rooms, dorm rooms, and even outside tents. The price of your accommodation entitles you to free desk space in all the work areas. And for an extra small fee, you get access to the big shared kitchen.

It’s not suited to everyone, but it’s perfect for laid-back working people who don’t like big cities. 

Local’s Insider Tip

One well-known close-to-the-accommodation adventure is Tskaltubo (a weird town with many bizarre abandoned bathhouses). You’ll love the place if you’re into what pretentious people like to call urban exploration. 

Other pockets of nearby fun include Sataplia Nature Reserve (not the most exciting outdoor area in the world, but it has nice views and pretty trails), and some small forest wanders.

Be warned, though: Gumbra is VERY small. Here, you won’t find supermarkets, cafes, gyms… or any of the other conveniences you get from staying in the center of Kutaisi.

Things to Do in Kutaisi

Kutaisi is a Georgian hidden gem in the heart of the Caucasus Mountains.

Known for its rich history, the city has several ancient landmarks, including the UNESCO-listed Bagrati Cathedral and the Gelati Monastery, which offer a glimpse into Georgia’s storied past. With its cobbled streets and charming architecture, Kutaisi’s Old Town area invites leisurely strolls and exploration.

For a deeper understanding of Kutaisi’s cultural heritage and historical significance, guided tours led by knowledgeable locals offer invaluable insights. Consider using platforms like GetYourGuide during your visit.

Explore their selection of Kutaisi experiences below:

FAQs about Hostels in Kutaisi

What is the average price for a hostel in Kutaisi?

The average price for a hostel in Kutaisi depends on the time of year you visit and which type of room you book.

Generally, you can expect to find hostel prices in Kutaisi as follows:

  • ₾25 ($10) per night for a bed in a shared dorm room.
  • ₾40 ($15) per night for a private dorm room

These prices can vary a lot, depending on how good the hostel is and where exactly it’s located.

All that said, you can save a bit more money by booking in advance. As you’ll see, there aren’t many options in Kutaisi, and the good ones sell out quickly.

It’s also good to know that Kutaisi’s peak season is Georgia’s warmer months (from around May until September). So you might pay more during that period—and if you’re traveling during those months, you should definitely book in advance!

Where can I book Kutaisi Hostels?

Our favorite places to book Kutaisi hostels are Hostelworld and Booking.com to compare prices and read additional reviews.

Final Thoughts & Further Reading

Alright, you lucky little backpackers, that’s us all finished here. They’re the 11 best hostels in Kutaisi!

To sum up, the best Kutaisi hostels are Black Tomato and Bao Hostels. The most sociable hostel in Kutaisi is Dingo Backpackers. And if you want to save money above all else, Star Hostel and Hostel Mandaria are usually your best options. 

Thanks for reading and choosing Budget Travel Plans, and we’ll see you again soon. Say hello to Kutaisi for me!

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