16 Best Hostels in Tbilisi: Budget-Friendly Stays in Georgia’s Capital

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Last Updated: September 19, 2023

A little while ago, I lived in Tbilisi for almost a year.

I love Tbilisi; it’s one of my favorite capital cities on the planet.

… and since you’re reading these words, I can only assume you’re planning to visit.

So, in this guide, I’ve assembled the 16 best hostels in Tbilisi. Expect dorm beds, private rooms, sociable spots, quiet pockets of peace, and everything in between. 

Coming up in this guide:

  • Low-price accommodation
  • Hipster hotspots
  • Endless piles of steamy khinkali
  • Lots of hospitable hosts

A quick note before we get started: though traveling in Georgia isn’t as affordable as it used to be, most hostels in Georgia are still pretty budget-friendly. Where they’re super-cheap, we’ve made a note of it. We’re good to you here at Budget Travel Plans.

Quick Answer: What Are the Best Hostels in Tbilisi?

Best LocationEnvoy Hostel
Best Hostel for Solo TravelersFabrika Hostel
Best Hostel for CouplesMoosica Hostel

Budget-Friendly Hostels in Tbilisi


Source: Fabrika
Address:8 Egnate Ninoshvili St, Tbilisi 0102, Georgia
Phone:+995 32 202 03 99
Location score:8.6/10
Hostelworld rating:8.1/10
Google rating:4.6/5
Shared dorm starting price:₾30/night
Private room starting price:₾140/night

Best for: top-notch trendiness, staying beside some of the city’s coolest hangouts, and exploring the most famous hostel in Tbilisi

If you ask anyone to name the best hostel in Tbilisi, they’ll pretty much all recommend Fabrika.

And that’s mainly because Fabrika is way more than just a hostel.

A Soviet-era sewing factory, Fabrika was repurposed into a multi-venue hipster hangout a few years back. It’s home to the hostel (obviously), a big cafe, a fun-packed courtyard, lots of informal bars and restaurants, a coworking space, bike rental, some small independent stores, and plenty more.

During the day, Fabrika is a laid-back place for grabbing coffee and lunch. But at night, it becomes one of the most popular venues in the city, and its bars spill out into the courtyard they surround. You’ll love the place, like everyone else does.

Though the accommodation is pricier than most expect, it’s welcoming and trendy. Expect pastel colors, minimalistic touches, clean bathrooms, hip staff, and tasty coffee. The buffer breakfast isn’t included in the price, but it’s the best hostel breakfast I’ve ever had (by a very long way).

Be warned though: Fabrika has developed a reputation as a coworking place… so many visitors here are digital nomads. And there are lots of rules about where you can (and can’t) use your laptop in the cafe area.

Local’s Insider Tip

Fabrika sits inside Marjanishvili, where I used to live. One of my favorite neighborhoods in the city, it’s most well-known as a Middle-Eastern enclave—top Middle-Eastern hangouts include Ankara Style (for the best Turkish food in the city), and Byblos Restaurant (for informal Lebanese stuff).

Other slices of fun include Amo Rame Bani (the best khinkali in the city), Groovy Roasters cafe (tasty cakes, natural light, and lots of seating), Mapshalia (if you want an authentic eatery with no frills), and Deserter Bazaar (a massive old-school market, it’s like stepping back into the 70s). For a classy meal, head to Shavi Lomi, where they serve up Georgian food with modern twists.

The best of all the bars in the Fabrika complex is Camora. It has a barber shop inside, which tells you everything you need to know about its hipster vibes.

Envoy Hostel

Envoy Hostel
Source: Envoy Hostel
Address:45 Betlemi St, Tbilisi, Georgia
Phone:+995 32 292 01 11
Location score:9.6/10
Hostelworld rating:9.2/10
Google rating:4.7/5
Shared dorm starting price:₾40/night
Private room starting price:₾125/night

Best for: pretty panoramas, seeing all the sights, and chilling in some traditional baths

Most well-known for its massive rooftop terrace, Envoy Hostel offers perfect views of Tbilisi’s super-scenic skyline. It’s a lovely place for slurping on a beer and watching the sunset.

The whole hostel is clean and tidy, they offer free walking tours, and you can eat tasty homemade breakfasts on the terrace. The Envoy team also offers tours in Tbilisi and beyond—and if you stay here, you get a little discount. Top tip: if you’re only gonna take one tour, I recommend the mountainous and view-packed ‘Embracing Georgia.’ 

Envoy’s shared kitchen/living space is big, open-plan, and well-lit. It’s also very easy to make friends here.

Local’s Insider Tip

Sitting in the middle of the Old Town, Envoy is the best hostel in Tbilisi for seeing all the well-known tourist sights. 

Top attractions here include Mother Georgia, Narikala Fortress, the walk between the two of them, and the Botanical Garden.

Make sure you also wander to the baths districts and to the unusual city-center Leghvtakhevi Waterfall, which sits in a southern corner of the neighborhood.

If you want to have a little dip in some baths, your two best options are Chreli Abano (for the upmarket tourist experience) and Bathhouse Number 5 (if you’re looking for rugged, rudimentary, and hyper-local).


Source: SkadaVeli
Address:27 Vertskhli St, Tbilisi, Georgia
Phone:+995 59 541 73 33
Location score:10/10
Hostelworld rating:9.9/10
Google rating:4.8/5
Shared dorm starting price:N/A
Private room starting price:₾75/night

Best for: guesthouse vibes, lots of nearby bars, and meeting a friendly host 

Halfway between a guesthouse and a hostel (and therefore not really one of the best hostels in Tbilisi), SkadaVeli has a whopping 9.9 rating on Hostelworld.

The place only has four rooms. They’re all private (some have private bathrooms, some don’t) and offer access to a shared kitchen and terrace. In the kitchen, there’s everything you need to cook your own food. 

The host is friendly and helpful, and he’ll give you loads of bespoke tips for whatever you want to explore.

The whole place is minimalistic (in a trendy way) and very clean and welcoming. If you want hostel prices without the hostel vibe (i.e., not particularly sociable), this is exactly what you’re looking for.

Local’s Insider Tip

This is right in the heart of all the fun. You’re an 8-minute walk from the city’s busiest Metro station and well-located for endless eating and drinking.

Some of my favorites here include Warszawa (a no-frills bar with cheap drinks and a spilling-out-onto-the-streets atmosphere), Ambavi (you’ll struggle to find this dimly-lit bar, but you’ll love it), and Tsota Tsota (the best craft beer spot in the city, where you’ll always wind up making friends).

Visiting Cafe Linville feels like sitting in your grandma’s living room (if your grandma had inexplicably relocated to Tbilisi), while vegans love Kiwi Vegan Cafe.

Elia Boutique Hostel

Elia Boutique Hostel
Source: Elia Boutique Hostel
Address:12 Kaishauri St, Tbilisi 0103, Georgia
Phone:+995 55 544 52 16
Location score:9.0/10
Hostelworld rating:9.4/10
Google rating:5/5
Shared dorm starting price:₾47/night
Private room starting price:₾200/night

Best for: aesthetic interiors, being away from the center, and feeling like a welcome guest 

Genuinely unique, this place looks like Wes Anderson designed it. Full of funky flourishes, it features big windows, big plants, and a whole load of symmetry.

It’s way cleaner than most other hostels, the host is friendly and helpful, and you get free laundry service and a fully-equipped kitchen. Other perks include homemade cakes and lunches, free towels, and house wine. Overall, you’ll feel like you’re staying in some old-school family home.

The only real downfall here is the location. Though Elia Boutique Hostel is perched high in a pretty part of the city, it’s definitely not central. You’ll need to walk 30 minutes to reach the Old Town.

That said, the not-central location keeps the party crowd away. So if you’re looking for a quiet place, Elia Boutique Hostel is a good option.

Local’s Insider Tip

The biggest tourist attraction (well, the only tourist attraction) in this part of the city is the Holy Trinity Cathedral of Tbilisi. It’s the largest Orthodox cathedral on the planet. 

Other worth-visiting places in the area include Home Kitchen (operated by two older ladies who serve real home-style food) and the equally homely Laliashvilebi’s Wine Cellar.

Pushkin 10

Pushkin 10
Source: Pushkin 10
Address:3rd floor, 10 Aleksandr Pushkin St, Tbilisi 0105, Georgia
Phone:+995 57 765 11 56
Location score:9.2/10
Hostelworld rating:8.8/10
Google rating:4.8/5
Shared dorm starting price:₾40/night
Private room starting price:₾105/night

Best for: super-comfy mattresses, lots of nearby sipping and slurping, and visiting some interesting outdoor spots 

Sitting just off the main Rustaveli Street, Pushkin 10 is in one of the best locations in the city (for eating, drinking, dancing, and getting around).

It’s also one of the best hostels in Tbilisi. Perks include super-comfortable orthopedic mattresses (each with its own curtain), a quiet but sociable atmosphere, clean bathrooms, nearby grocery stores, a fully-equipped kitchen, and a power socket at every bed.

Local’s Insider Tip

This is one of the best hostels in Tbilisi for finding central under-the-radar fun. 

First, head to Santino, one of the best coffee shops in the city. Though it’s a bit fancy for some (including me), and although it’s pricey, it has a MASSIVE menu of different treats. Highlights include Vietnamese coffee, Indian lattes, coffee from Yemen, and more unusual stuff.

Not too far from Pushkin 10 is Dedaena, one of my favorite parks in the city—here, you’ll always find lots of friendly faces, stray dogs, and occasional pop-up events. Visit on a summer day, take beers, music, and friends.

Inside the park, you’ll also find Dedaena Bar, Tbilisi’s most underrated party venue.

For families, head to Hinkali Factory, where you’ll find the biggest khinkali menu in the city (they offer unusual options, including chocolate-filled khinkali for dessert).

And last of all, make sure you also hit the Dry Bridge Market. The market is on every day on the Saarbrucken Bridge (well, in good weather). It’s full of weird and wacky antiques, and it’s a haggler’s paradise. The best times to visit are between 11am and 3pm.

Moosica Hostel

Moosica Hostel
Source: Moosica Hostel
Address:13 Alexander Griboedov St, Tbilisi, Georgia
Phone:+995 59 952 14 13
Location score:9.2/10
Hostelworld rating:8.3/10
Google rating:4.5/5
Shared dorm starting price:₾32/night
Private room starting price:₾50/night

Best for: budget-conscious couples, getting all musical, and a private but friendly stay 

As you probably guessed from its name, Moosica Hostel is music-themed—every room is themed around a different musical genre. 

It’s a pretty small place, with four private rooms and two dorms (one female-only). The common area (appropriately) has a piano, and the shared kitchen has everything you need to cook. 

It’s one of the best hostels in Tbilisi for couples. It’s central, clean, sociable, and cozy but also quite private and quiet. You won’t make many friends, but you will have a pleasant stay. And best of all, it’s unusual to find such a good couple-friendly place at such a low price. 

Local’s Insider Tip

Moosica Hostel sits just off the main Rustaveli Avenue, the most famous street in the city.

Some must-visits in the area include Erti Kava (for some of the best coffee in Tbilisi and tasty though expensive brunch-style food), 8,000 Vintages (for drinking loads of wine and learning about the nation’s wine culture), and Zodiaqo (where you can munch on some unusual fried khinkali).

I recommend Brown’s Bar if you’ll be in Tbilisi for a while. A big favorite with (largely British) expats, it’s welcoming, affordable, and homely, and you’ll always make friends here. They sometimes host expat meetups. 

Tbil Home Hostel

Tbil Home Hostel
Source: Tbil Home Hostel
Address:5 Irgvlivi Turn, Tbilisi, Georgia
Phone:+995 55 142 24 15
Location score:9.4/10
Hostelworld rating:8.3/10
Google rating:4.6/5
Shared dorm starting price:₾25/night
Private room starting price:N/A

Best for: visiting the tourist sights, sitting around in some baths, and a quiet-but-central stay 

One of the newest hostels in Tbilisi, Tbil Home is welcoming and offers some decent perks. Expect free shampoo, complimentary shower gel, comfortable mattresses, clean towels (which you don’t have to pay for), and a quiet vibe.

It’s not great for making friends, and there’s no good common area. You might not want to stay here if you’re a sociable solo traveler. But if you don’t fit that description, you probably won’t care.

Considering the prime location, the prices here are pretty low. It’s a good budget pick!

Local’s Insider Tip

Tbil Home Hostel is right beside Envoy Hostel. So all the tips I gave you for that place also apply to this place. Make sure you visit those baths!

… oh, and visit the tiny (but always packed) Drunk Owl Bar just outside the hostel. You might not make friends in Tbil Home, but you definitely will make friends in Drunk Owl.

The Tbilisi Pod

The Tbilisi Pod
Source: The Tbilisi Pod
Address:14 Veriko Anjaparidze St, Tbilisi 0179, Georgia
Phone:+995 55 143 07 43
Location score:8.7/10
Hostelworld rating:9.2/10
Google rating:5/5
Shared dorm starting price:₾65/night
Private room starting price:N/A

Best for: sleeping in a pod, a spot of remote working, and close proximity to lots of work-friendly cafes 

Trendy and new, The Tbilisi Pod offers (sort-of) capsule-style beds, along with pared-back wooden interiors and a fresh vibe.

Like sleeping in Ikea, it’s sleek, shiny, and super Instagrammable. The internet is good, the beds are comfy, and the staff are more professional than typical hostel folk (especially typical hostel folk in Georgia).

It’s a particularly good choice for remote workers: the hostel has work-friendly spaces and is within short walking distance from many more digital-nomad hotspots.

The Tbilisi Pod is a little pricier than other options, but it’s clean, tidy, and organized. So it’s definitely worth the money.

Local’s Insider Tip

The Tbilisi Pod is just north of Vake, the most upmarket part of the city. It’s a residential area but offers loads of tucked-away food and drink. 

Some must-visits near The Tbilisi Pod include Bagelin (the best bagels in the city by a long way), Shavi Coffee Roasters (an open-plan hipster coffee shop), and Wine Factory N1 (for, obviously, some of the best wines in the city).

For a tasty meal, head to Khushi Indian Restaurant. Though it’s a bit touristy, it offers some of the best Indian food in the city. Get a daal dish.

And if you’ll be plinking around on your laptop, head to Teahouse in the Garden, a massive work-friendly spot popular with the city’s students. Other nearby work-friendly cafes include Hurma, Sol, outdoor-terrace-having ZILLIco, and even Bagelin itself. 

Green House Hostel

Green House Hostel
Source: Green House Hostel
Address:13 Elene Akhvlediani Khevi, Tbilisi, Georgia
Phone:+995 32 295 83 77
Location score:9.8/10
Hostelworld rating:9.9/10
Google rating:4.7/5
Shared dorm starting price:₾36/night
Private room starting price:₾82/night

Best for: combining hostel vibes with guest house vibes, and chatting to other travelers

Though this place feels like a hostel, the owner lives on-site. So it has a slight ‘ooh, this is homely’ guest house atmosphere, but it also offers the laid-back sociability of a hostel. This is one of Tbilisi’s best hostels for making friends and having deep chats.

The bedrooms are cool and comfortable, the host can help you with tours and transport, and you’ll find loads of sun-trapping outdoor areas. 

It’s rated 9.9 on Hostelworld, so it must be good. 

The only major con is the location: there’s not much to do in this part of the city, but you’re only a 15-minute walk from the start of all the central action.

Local’s Insider Tip

Around the corner from Green House Hostel, you’ll find The Stairs Cafe, a relatively fancy hipster hangout. It’s one of Tbilisi’s best places for breakfast since it opens at 8am (and early-opening places aren’t really a thing in Georgia).

Make sure you also visit Holy Trinity Cathedral (yep, that big cathedral we’ve already covered). 

Vagabond B&B

Vagabond B&B
Source: Vagabond B&B
Address:66 Mikheili Tsinamdzghvrishvili St, Tbilisi 0102, Georgia
Phone:+995 55 115 43 19
Location score:10/10
Hostelworld rating:9.6/10
Google rating:4.6/5
Shared dorm starting price:N/A
Private room starting price:₾120/night

Best for: communal eating, making friends with a small crowd, and being close to Fabrika 

Vagabond B&B is another place that feels more like a guesthouse than a hostel.

Vagabond B&B is owned and managed by some backpackers who want to make a cozy place for people just like them. The result is nice decor (it looks more like a fancy AirBnB than a guesthouse), a welcoming atmosphere, and a clean and tidy venue.

They sometimes host communal dinners, where you and other travelers can munch and chat together.

It has four bedrooms, a common area, and a shared kitchen. The kitchen is well-equipped, and the rooms are airy and open-plan. Like many other travelers here, you’ll book a few nights and then wind up staying longer.

Local’s Insider Tip

Vagabond B&B sits close to Fabrika Hostel—so if you want to explore that area without paying its prices, you’ve found a lovely little loophole.  

… and, of course, all the tips I gave you for Fabrika also apply to this place.

Namaste Hostel

Namaste Hostel
Source: Namaste Hostel
Address:26 Betlemi St, Tbilisi 0108, Georgia
Phone:+995 555 648 908
Location score:9.8/10
Hostelworld rating:9.3/10
Google rating:4.5/5
Shared dorm starting price:₾35/night
Private room starting price:₾100/night

Best for: mixing big tourist sights with big nightlife, and befriending older travelers

Namaste Hostel is another lesser-known option located in the Old Town. Namaste Hostel is colorful and kooky, more hippy-style than party-traveler-style (attracting an older crowd), and clean and tidy.

There’s a sociable balcony area, daily housekeeping, and nice views over the city.

It’s a little run-down compared to other places, but that’s part of its charm.

Local’s Insider Tip

Namaste is one of the best-located hostels in Tbilisi. It sits close to Envoy Hostel (so all the stuff I recommended exploring near Envoy, I also recommend exploring near here). 

Another recommendation: the nearby Tipsy Bee is popular with expats (especially English ones), offers regular pub quizzes, and you’ll never fail to make friends there. 

MyVibe Tbilisi

MyVibe Tbilisi
Source: MyVibe Tbilisi
Address:16 Anton Katalikosi St, Tbilisi 5304, Georgia
Phone:+995 59 715 64 24
Location score:10/10
Hostelworld rating:8.6/10
Google rating:4.7/5
Shared dorm starting price:₾32/night
Private room starting price:₾160/night

Best for: staying in a small space, saving some money, and making friends with the host

MyVibe Tbilisi is one of the most basic hostels in Tbilisi, but it’s clean, tidy, and relatively charming. 

The host is friendly, the beds are comfortable, and the vibe is friendly and laid-back. It’s much smaller than your average hostel, with one private room and two dorm rooms (these dorm rooms only have three beds each).

But here’s the biggest perk: the prices are very low. You won’t find many better-value hostels in Tbilisi.

Local’s Insider Tip

MyVibe Tbilisi is only a four-minute walk from SkadaVeli; so all my recommendations for that place also apply for this one. 

But here’s one more recommendation: if you’re a Brit feeling homesick, get yourself to the just-around-the-corner Watt’s Fish and Chips. I haven’t been there myself (sorry for misleading you), but other English people have told me they make pretty authentic stuff.

Tbili C Hostel

Tbili C Hostel
Source: Tbili C Hostel
Address:18b Ateni St, Tbilisi 0179, Georgia
Phone:+995 55 877 33 24
Location score:8.4/10
Hostelworld rating:8.1/10
Google rating:4.3/5
Shared dorm starting price:₾21/night
Private room starting price:₾52/night

Best for: exploring Vake, and being central(ish) without splashing cash

The decor here is a bit flat and functional. It’s hardly the most inspiring hostel in the world, and you likely won’t post it on social media. But it’s VERY affordable, and it’s friendly and welcoming. 

For budget backpackers, this is one of the best hostels in Tbilisi. You get a good location, good transport links, and a decent place to sleep.

That said, it’s not the most sociable venue on our list, and you shouldn’t expect to make many friends.

Local’s Insider Tip

Tbili C Hostel is another Vake option that sits close to The Tbilisi Pod—but it’s right in the heart of the neighborhood (instead of lingering on the periphery).

My top tips for the nearby area include Ronny’s Pizza (for American-style slices), the Coffee LAB on Paliashvili Street (for the very best coffee in the city, and some small-servings tasting boards), and Mziuri Park (one of the best and most popular parks in Tbilisi). 

For good ice cream, head to Luca Polare (the nutty flavors are the best ones).

And if you want to head further west, go to Vake Park, where you can catch a cable car to the hilltop fun of Turtle Lake.

Hostel Nomad

Hostel Nomad
Source: Hostel Nomad
Address:21 Dzmebi Zubalashvilebi St, Tbilisi 0108, Georgia
Phone:+995 59 947 54 74
Location score:9.4/10
Booking.com rating:9.3/10
Google rating:4.7/5
Shared dorm starting price:₾35/night
Private room starting price:₾90/night

Best for: staying in a hotel-like place without the hotel-like prices, and a good central location 

Much more upmarket than your average hostel, this place is very modern… with new furniture, wooden decor, spacious showers, and private curtains on all the beds.

In a way, it feels like a hotel. But a hotel with a hammock and communal spaces (including a lovely communal balcony area).

Other perks include a cool temperature (lovely in the hot Tbilisi summers), lots of free-to-use toiletries, free tea and coffee, a friendly atmosphere, and very comfortable beds.

In terms of cost, Hostel Nomad is one of the best hostels in Tbilisi. It’s not the cheapest, but it’s brilliant for the price point.

Local’s Insider Tip

This is one of the best-located hostels in Tbilisi. It’s less than a 5-minute walk from Moosica Hostel, so my recommendations for Moosica also apply to Hostel Nomad! 

One more tip: Hostel Nomad is very close to Prospero’s Books, a comfy little haven with English-language books, a nice cafe, and a work-friendly atmosphere. 

At Funicular Hostel

At Funicular Hostel
Source: At Funicular Hostel
Address:6/1 Mtatsminda St, Tbilisi, Georgia
Phone:+995 57 776 94 44
Location score:8.8/10
Booking.com rating:8.6/10
Google rating:4.1/5
Shared dorm starting price:₾24/night
Private room starting price:₾90/night

Best for: walking uphill, riding the funicular to Mtatsminda, and saving some cash 

Also known as ‘Hostel At Funicular,’ this is another of the best hostels in Tbilisi for mixing low prices with a good location.

The rooms are clean, the decor is intentionally shabby-chic, the simple continental-style breakfasts are pretty good, the kitchen is well-equipped, the laundry services are free, and the showers are big and modern. 

Like some other places we’ve covered, At Funicular Hostel is a little more like a guesthouse than a hostel, but there are some common areas for chatting with people. Overall, it is well-suited to older people, couples, and those who aren’t too bothered about a social scene.

Be warned though: this is in a steep part of the city. Every time you’re walking back to the hostel, you’ll be tackling an uphill wander.

Local’s Insider Tip

As you might have guessed from the place’s name, At Funicular Hostel is at the funicular.

This funicular takes you to Mtatsminda Park, one of the most underrated tourist attractions in the city. Not many visitors come up here… but it’s home to viewpoints, fairground rides (nice if you have kids, not if you don’t), trails to the even-prettier Turtle Lake, and many little picnic spots.

The imaginatively-named Funicular Restaurant sits right at the top of the funicular. Make sure you have a hot chocolate here (it’s the best hot chocolate I’ve ever slurped on, and this is coming from a man who usually doesn’t even like the stuff). 

Hostel Violet 

Hostel Violet
Source: Hostel Violet
Address:No.4 Ia Kargareteli Street, Tbilisi 0112, Georgia
Phone:(416) 855-4606
Location score:9.2/10
Booking.com rating:8.7/10
Google rating:4.6/5
Shared dorm starting price:N/A
Private room starting price:₾30/night

Best for: saving money, exploring some underrated cocktail bars, and close proximity to all the Fabrika fun 

Last up, a place that isn’t like a hostel at all. 

Instead, Hostel Violet is an old-fashioned hotel-style option, but its private rooms (it doesn’t have any dorm-style rooms) are some of the cheapest in the city. The on-site kitchen is okay (good for cooking basic stuff), and you have access to a free-to-use washing machine. 

It’s clean, tidy, and friendly, but the decor is a bit garish and retro. If you ever had a babushka as a grandma, you’ll feel like you’re staying at her place again. It generally attracts an older crowd of quiet people.

It’s best for families and couples… and it’s definitely not a good option for solo folks who want to find fun-seeking friends. It’s also a reasonable choice for digital nomads who want an affordable short-term base with some privacy.

Local’s Insider Tip

Hostel Violet is in the northern part of Marjanishvili, so it’s close to Fabrika and Vagabond B&B. The hangouts you should explore from those hostels you should also explore from here.

There are several places worth visiting right beside Hostel Violet:

  • Meoba Bar – a dimly-lit hangout with great cocktails; a real under-the-radar place
  • Weller – for the best Israeli food I’ve had outside of Israel
  • Klara – another atmospheric cocktail spot

Things to Do in Tbilisi

Tbilisi stands out as a vibrant crossroads of cultures and histories.

The city pulsates with a rich tapestry of influences, where Eastern and Western traditions converge. From the bustling markets of Rustaveli Avenue to the cobbled streets of the Old Town, Tbilisi offers a sensory journey through time.

Immerse yourself in the lively atmosphere of districts like Sololaki, where Art Nouveau facades harmonize with traditional Georgian architecture. Marvel at the ancient Narikala Fortress, perched high above the Kura River, offering panoramic views of the city.

Guided tours are invaluable for a deeper understanding of Tbilisi’s charm and significance. They offer insights from knowledgeable locals, ensuring you uncover hidden gems and historical marvels.

To make the most of your visit to Tbilisi, consider platforms like GetYourGuide, which offers a curated selection of experiences tailored to your interests. Explore their handpicked Tbilisi itineraries below:

FAQs about Hostels in Tbilisi

What is the average price for a hostel in Tbilisi?

The average price for a hostel in Tbilisi depends on the time of year you visit and which type of room you book. Peak season during the warmer months, from April until around September.

Generally, you can expect to find hostel prices in Tbilisi as follows:

  • ₾25 ($10) per night for a bed in a shared dorm room.
  • ₾80 ($30) per night for a private dorm room

Where can I book Tbilisi Hostels?

Our favorite places to book Tbilisi hostels are Hostelworld and Booking.com to compare prices and read additional reviews.

Further Reading

Okay, everyone, that’s us done here! There are the 16 best hostels in Tbilisi. 

They’re all great bases for exploring the city… 

… but to round up, our three top picks are Envoy Hostel (for good views, easy sightseeing, and making friends), Moosica Hostel (for couples or private people who want a central location without noise or crowds), and Fabrika (for drinking and socializing in the on-site courtyard, and staying in the most famous hostel in Tbilisi).

And if your priority is saving money, your two best choices are Tbili C Hostel and Moosica Hostel.

Looking for things to do in Tbilisi? Read our articles below:

Thanks for reading and visiting Budget Travel Plans, and we’ll see you again soon. Ciao for now!

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