Street art in Jericoacoara, Brazil

9 Things to do in Jericoacoara, Brazil

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So you’re in Brazil and you want to go to Jericoacoara. Who wouldn’t? Jericoacoara brings in tons of people every year looking to relax on the beach, enjoy the fun nightlife, and experience some of the best wind for kitesurfing and windsurfing in the world. Jeri, as known by the locals, can get a bit crowded and touristy in places; but it’s a true paradise. Here are our top nine picks of things to do in Jericoacoara.

Kitesurf world-class wind

Kitesurfing, Jericoacoara
Photo by Louis Hansel @shotsoflouis on Unsplash

Jeri is known as one of the ultimate spots for kitesurfing. You can participate in downwind trips because the wind consistently blows every day up the coast for a little over 6 months of the year. Talk about perfect conditions. Hire a guide in a buggy to follow you with your equipment, or head straight to nearby lagoons near Guriú or Preá. Everything is just a short (and fun) drive away on the beach. We recommended checking out ZonaKite for lessons, equipment rental, or transport. Fabio will make sure you have an incredible kite vacation!

Kitesurfing isn’t your thing? Try windsurfing or regular surfing. Walk down to the main beach in the city center (Praia de Jericoacoara), and you will see tons of surfers in the water. Simply head to the end of the beach and there are lots of people willing to give you a cheap lesson! Sports are big here!

Jericoacoara Beach

As we mentioned above, there is a beach directly in front of the city center. Everything in Jeri is close. Wake up, eat breakfast, then walk 5 minutes to the beach for some sun, music, and beers. If you want to see a less crowded beach with more rock formations, turn the corner and check out Praia Malhada.

Party in flip flops!

Jeri is one of the most laidback villages in the area, but one of the only to have an existing nightlife. Hang out and rest during the day, but there is usually something to do most nights of the week. From Wednesday to Sunday, go to Café Jeri (open from 4-8 PM). Arrive before sunset to avoid the lines. While this club is fairly posh, the electronic music is great for dancing, and the view from on top is incredible. Plus – there’s no cover fee to enter. Save your money for a caipirinha! The only major complaint of this spot is that everyone is on their phone taking videos for Instagram the entire time. Get yourself a good group, leave the phones at home, and enjoy yourself!

Yes, you can wear your flip flops here and everywhere. This is a true beach town… we don’t remember wearing real shoes at all during the months we were here!

Depending on the night, there will also be samba or forró parties starting around 10:30 PM. Both are Brazilian styles of music and dance. Forró is from this area of Brazil, so you should definitely check it out. The samba party every night on Fridays is by far our favorite festa here! Note: there will be people in the main square passing out flyers every night to tell you when/where/what the party is for the day.

Eat good food

Pretty simple, huh? And it’s really easy here. Being on the coast, the seafood couldn’t be fresher. If you have the time, get a buggy to the Lagoa de Guriú (or kitesurf there). You will see lots of large huts built out of dead trees and palm leaves. At the largest one is a guy named D.U. He catches fish every day and cooks them right there, with limes, beans, and rice. You can’t go wrong having a meal with this guy! Check him out!

On one of the two mains streets – Rua São Francisco – there are a ton of street vendors. The food here is amazing. Our favorite is Tia Vânia’s… she makes the best tapioca in Jeri. Another day (or every day), find some açaí and enjoy this native fruit’s dark purple-y goodness! 

Visit Pedra Furada

Pedra Furada
Photo by Carmel Arquelau on Unsplash

This is a giant rock formation on the beach about a 45-minute walk from the city center. It’s beautiful, but there can be a line of people waiting to take pictures in front of it. Go for sunrise if you can, or go for sunset for the best colours in the sky.

Watch the sunset from the dunes

Don’t want to walk to Pedra Furada? Every day at about 5 PM, everyone on the beach walks up to Sunset Dune to watch the sun go down at 5:30 PM. It’s usually very windy on top, but very peaceful. Because of how close Jeri is to the equator, the sky displays stunning green colours, in addition to the purples, pinks, reds, oranges, and yellows. It’s truly wonderful here.

Take a day trip to Lagoa de Paraíso

Paradise Lagoon is a wonderful option for a day trip. There are buggies and trucks that will take you there. It’s a giant lagoon with crystal clear water and rich blue hues. However, many guides take their groups to Alchymist Beach Club. We recommened going to a more quiet, peaceful part of the lake. This club costs R$20 to enter and has a restaurant. It’s extremely expensive and really overcrowded. Unfortunately, many people don’t experience other parts of the lagoon. We think you should. Paradise Lagoon is massive! Go check out the less touristy spots of this gorgeous area.

Visit the local church

It doesn’t matter if you are religious or not. This church is made of stone and is a beautiful work of art. Known as Igreja de JericoacoaraNossa Senhora do Rosário de Fátima, or Igreja Nossa Senhora da Consalação, pronouncing it is harder than visiting it. Located right near the center square, it’s worth the extra 3-minute walk. Chances are you will pass it going to a samba or forró party anyway. Every year on December 13 the is a huge party to celebrate the church’s inauguration.

Learn capoeira

Every day on the beach for sunset, you will see many groups practicing capoeira, an Afro-Brazilian martial art that combines elements of dance, music, and acrobatics. It’s incredibly mesmerizing to watch, as two people dodge each others’ kicks, perform flips, and display amazing energy.

If you miss it on the beach, there are often groups practicing capoeira in the main square at night.

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