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Best Time to Visit Sardinia

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Every year, tourists from all over the world converge on Sardinia, one of Europe’s most visited islands. Thousands come with their loved ones to share precious moments together, transact business at the seaside, and celebrate events like weddings and marriage proposals. We find that many tourists research the most opportune periods of the year. And that is why this article will guide you on how to plan your visit and learn about the best time to visit Sardinia.  

For those unfamiliar with this beautiful destination, Sardinia is an Italian island in the Mediterranean Sea. It has sandy beaches, a coastline of over 2,000km, and an interior full of mountainous hiking trails. With a population of almost 2 million people, it is one of the most populated — and busiest — islands within the Mediterranean belt. In this entry for Budget Travel Plans, I outline Sardinia’s weather, seasons, and my top picks for the best time to visit Sardinia. 

Brief Overview of Sardinia

Sardinia, Italy sunset
Photo by Michela Meloni on Unsplash

Although popularly called Sardinia, the island’s official name is Regione Autonoma della Sardegna (Italian for Autonomous Region of Sardinia). Sardinia is the second-largest island in the Mediterranean after Sicily and is one of Italy’s 20 regions. Sardinia is metaphorically described as a microcontinent due to its wide variety of ecosystems. It has everything from mountains and plains, to forests and largely uninhabited territory, to fresh and saltwater bodies, and long sandy beaches.

With a population density of 69/km2, Sardinia is one of the least populated regions in Italy while still being one of the most populous islands in the Mediterranean. Its booming tourism sector has seen the number of foreign nationals rise over the years to over 4% of the Island’s total population. 

Weather in Sardinia 

When planning your vacation to Sardinia, figuring out the best time to visit will depend heavily on the weather. An understanding of the weather and seasons will help you adequately plan your itinerary. Like most territories around the Mediterranean Sea, the temperatures are generally warm in Sardinia. Annually, the island experiences long periods of warm summers of up to six months and mild winters which are short-lived. Rainy seasons bridge the long summers and shorter winters. 

The north is usually significantly wetter than the south. The geographical diversity between northern and southern Sardinia is responsible for the several microclimates. Sardinia is also known for its windy nature due to the presence of the many wind patterns from the western Ponte, Arctic, Alps’ Mistral, African Libeccio, and Saharan Sirocco. Thanks to its lengthy summer, you can count on great weather for about six months each year. Let’s turn to the seasons in Sardinia to help you plan your trip! 

Seasons in Sardinia 

January and February

Within the island, the months of January and February are still festive, but the weather is extremely unpredictable. Due to snow from the festive season, tourism brings few visitors to Sardinia as bad weather makes its way from France to the island. The landscape usually returns to its green oasis following the dry summer. If you love the summer, then January and February are definitely not the time to visit. On the flip side, you could visit Sardinia to ski at this time. 


After the winter hibernation, the island begins to come alive in March. The queues at the beaches return; if you do not enjoy congested areas, you risk not enjoying your stay in Sardinia if you visit in March. There is a lot of sunshine in March, although there may be days of uncharacteristic heavy downpour. March is great to explore the cities and cultures in Sardinia, and the cool evening weather is great for cycling and hiking throughout the inner cities of the island. You may want to check the weather closer to visiting if you choose March. Heavy rains may arise and disrupt your plans. 


Sardinia Vespas
Photo by Ante Hamersmit on Unsplash

Like March, April is quite sunny and sets the tone ahead of summer. In April, the island begins to see a greater inflow of tourists. As a result, traffic congestion may be frequent. 

Hiking and cycling are key activities to do within the period. The beaches are also fun as the sun overlooks the seaside trees swaying from side to side in the wind. Rainfall is rare in April, so you have the whole day for events whether indoors or outside. 


May marks the beginning of the island’s six-month summer season. In May, restaurants, bars, and stores in the cities begin to open their doors. Unlike in April, the weather in May is unpredictable and you may want to double check your need for an umbrella before stepping outside. 

Due to the full return of summer, the landscapes are much greener, and this is probably the best time to visit Sardinia overall as activities begin to go into full gear. 


The peak season is here! As air temperatures continue to rise, the crowd of tourists actually lessens a bit in June. June is a time you can also enjoy a great time with family and friends without worrying about the rain. Although the temperatures are much higher, it’s far from unpleasant. Temperatures in the evening are around 21oC and a peak midday temperature of 30oC. 

Evenings in June are more relaxed, and you can take a stroll along the beach, enjoy a drink at a bar, or go for a romantic meal in the city center. 

July and August 

Sardinia boats in Italy
Photo by Ivan Ragozin on Unsplash

These are the busiest and warmest months of the year, and if you prefer to visit when it’s bubbly, then July and August are some of the best times to visit Sardinia. The momentum from April picks up again on the island, as mainland Italians and tourists from all over Europe visit for summer holidays. July is the sunniest month of the year and the seas are much warmer. 

In August, eleven hours of sunshine glisten the ocean view, and the city is in full swing. As activities peak, prices can go up. I recommend that you book your travels to and within the island in advance to avoid surge prices. 


San Giovanni di Sinis, Cabras, Italy
Photo by Léonard Cotte on Unsplash

The seas are still warm in September, but the much cooler weather makes it pleasant for those that can’t stand the heat of summer. As the holidays all over Europe come to an end, the crowds begin to disappear. It is a great month to explore the islands, whether it be the beaches or the woods or the mountainous regions. 


Sardinia, Italy in the Fall
Photo by Timo Schmitt on Unsplash

Things become more refreshing in October, and the temperatures fall back within the higher teens. It is a great time to explore the mysteries of the island, as the peak season fizzles out and the restaurants and clubs become less busy. You’ll find a few deserted beaches to spend quality time with loved ones or by yourself. The sea will become much colder too, but you have nothing to fear if you’re from the Nordic areas. 


As the festive season approaches, Sardinia begins to quiet. If you are a fan of bubbly cities, November is probably not the most opportune time to visit. The days are usually very windy and heavy downpours are frequent. There may be the occasional snowy day too. Tourists remaining in Sardinia in November are away from the beaches and instead explore the beautiful towns, museums, and churches. 


The festive season kicks in in full gear. Air temperatures slip into single digits, and temperatures around 7 or 8oC are common. The restaurants, bars and clubs may close for the holidays. Streets are deserted, and all that is left of the island are the woods and interesting sites — if the weather permits you to visit. Tourists are few and far between, and you may want to reconsider visiting in December.

Final Thoughts 

Sardinia’s moderate Mediterranean climate makes it great to visit at most times of the year. Depending on your personal preferences, there is no bad time to visit. Before booking your flights, you should factor in seasons, costs, and activities. Visiting Sardinia will guarantee you a great experience and leave unforgettable memories for you and your loved ones. 

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