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Dubai tourist Visa process

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There are multiple ways to get a Dubai tourist visa. You can process it via any reputed travel agent or apply on your own with the help of UAE Embassy. Note, you need to get a sponsorship from a hotel or a UAE resident to apply on your own. So, it is easy to get it from a reputed agent.

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Dubai Tourist visa or Transit visa?

Tourist Visa – It is apt for the people who are coming to Dubai for Vacation. Costs around 350 AED.

Transit Visa – You can get 48 hours transit visa for free of charge, and you can get 96 hours transit visa for 50 AED. You cannot extend the stay if you are on a transit visa. You have to apply for transit visa via airline (only Emirates or Ethiad), and you have to get it before you land in the UAE. You may think to get transit visa instead of getting a tourist visa for a lesser fee and roam Dubai for 96 hours. There is a check. You need to provide an onward flight ticket booking to a third destination, other than the origin location.

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Dubai tourist visa for Indians – The Cheaper way.

On average it costs around AED 350. I found the MakeMyTrip visa process to be much more comfortable and a bit cheap. It costed around 5800 Rupees inclusive tax. For budget travelers, we recommend to apply it through as it is a little less expensive than other agents.

The option to apply visa is currently available on MakeMyTrip mobile app only. It is not yet available on the website. You also have options to choose the type of visa depending on the number of days. (30 days / 90 days).

Other than MakeMyTrip, you can find many agents in google who can apply tourist visa for you. You can ask them for a bargain price between 300 to 330 AED. Also, you can find some deals in as well.

Documents Required:

  • Passport Front
  • Passport Back
  • Photograph
  • e-ticket

You would need to upload the soft copy of the documents as mentioned above and fill in the Visa Application form. Once it is submitted, MakeMyTrip visa processing team would contact you for any clarification and forward it for approval.

Ideally, for an Indian citizen to visit Dubai, you would require a visa and an OK TO Board issued by your airline.

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Dubai Immigration – Passport validity requirements:

Note that your passport expiry date should be more than six months from the Date of entry in Dubai.

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What happens if your passport validity date is more than six months from the date of arrival in UAE, but the validity is lesser than six months from the time of exit from UAE?

I got stuck in the same situation when I traveled to Dubai. My passport expiry date is September 1st, 2019. My travel date was from February 26 ( passport is six months valid from time of arrival) to March 3rd (passport validity is two days lesser than six months from the date of exit from UAE). When I applied for a visa through MakeMyTrip, the executive informed that there is a chance that the visa may get denied. I searched many sites and forums for an answer, but I did not get any.

Then I enquired with the airline which I am traveling and got a confirmation that I can travel with that passport and went ahead and applied for the visa and got it and I moved without any problem!

So, the passport should be valid for six months from the date of entry in the UAE.

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Dubai Visit Visa Processing time:

On average it takes around 2-4 days to get the visa approved, and it will be mailed to your registered email id.

Once applied, you can email your visa to the airline to get the OK To Board. With that, you are ready for your trip and start packing your bag!

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  • There are multiple ways to get tourist/visit visa. MakeMyTrip app is the cheapest among all for Indians.
  • For other country residents, check for agents online and check in as well.
  • Transit visa won’t work if you are not going to a 3rd destination. So, get a tourist visa if you are coming for a vacation.
  • Your passport validity must be more than six months from the date of entry in the UAE.
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