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The 15 Best Indian Restaurants in Tbilisi: A Spice-Packed Guide

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Right now, I’m living in Tbilisi. And I also love Indian food (not just right now, but all the time).

Combine those two seemingly-unrelated facts, and you get a big-bellied food fan who knows where to get the best Indian eats and treats in Georgia’s capital city. 

Tbilisi is home to a massive Indian population (mainly made up of students who come here for the low-cost university fees). Largely because of that, the place is also home to liberally-spiced heaps of drool-inducing Indian food all over the city’s sprawl.

So in this tell-all guide, I’ve brought you the 15 best Indian restaurants in Tbilisi. Bring your silverware, stuff your napkin down your shirt, and join the fun!

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Taste of India

One of my Indian friends reckons this is the best Indian restaurant in Tbilisi.

And if he doesn’t know what he’s talking about, I don’t know who does.

I love this place, and I agree with my mate—it’s the best Indian food I’ve eaten in the city. It’s popular with Tbilisi’s hefty population of Indian students, it’s affordable and no-frills and an excellent option for a laid-back bite.

Some of the best dishes here include the chicken lababdar, the shrimp masala, and the murgh curry.

They also do a filling but low-cost wrap stuffed with paneer and vegetables. It’s perfect for an affordable on-the-go lunch.

Don’t be surprised if you wind up ordering too much. And don’t be surprised when you ask for a doggy bag to take it home, just like everyone else does here.

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Sanjha Chulha

  • Best for: Excellent vegetarian food, a comfy atmosphere, and eating right in the centre of Marjanishvili 
  • Website: https://www.sanjhachulha.ge 
  • Address: 130 Davit Aghmashenebeli Avenue

After I arrived in Tbilisi, this was the first place I ate—another of my Indian friends brought me here (I told you there were lots of Indian people in Tbilisi). 

It’s small but comfy, and it’s a little more expensive than most other places on this list (probably because it’s in Marjanishvili, one of the priciest areas in the city). That said, it’s a great place to eat—the staff is very friendly, it’s right on the main street in Marjanishvili, and the menu is massive. 

I recommend the samosas, the daal, the thali trays, and the handi chicken. Oh, and the non-meat options here are outstanding. 

I haven’t been to many better places in Tbilisi for small, homely and welcoming vibes—it’s the epitome of comfy and cozy. You’ll likely want to linger around way after you’ve finished your meal.

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  • Best for: Lots of spice, eating at one of Tbilisi’s most popular Indian restaurants, and chowing down with a big group of people 
  • Website: https://www.facebook.com/khushitbilisi/ 
  • Address: 46/50 Merab Kostava Street

One of the most popular Indian restaurants in the city, many people love this place. If you ask someone where to find the best Indian food in Tbilisi, they’ll often point you in the direction of Khushi.

The butter chicken and the korma are two popular favourites here. It sounds cliché, but in this case, it’s genuinely true.

But best of all, they’ll throw lots of spice into your food if you want it. Georgian people are pretty sensitive to spice, so most Indian food in the city isn’t very hot. But if you request tongue-scorching portions here, you get them. Just make sure you order lots of yogurt.

Khushi is one of Tbilisi’s best Indian restaurants for eating with a big group of people. You often find huge groups of varied ex-pats hanging around here, so expect to make some friends.

Taj Mahal

No matter where you go in the world, you’ll always find an imaginatively-titled Indian restaurant named ‘Taj Mahal.’

Tbilisi’s version of that clichéd eatery is right in the heart of the old city, with a prime location. If you’re looking for a conveniently-situated Indian restaurant in Tbilisi, you genuinely won’t find much better than this.

One of the city’s first Indian restaurants, and still one of its best, it dishes up lots of authentic stuff (all of which is halal). I recommend the biryani and the jalfrezi. 

And despite it residing right in the tourist area, it’s always filled with Indian diners, so you know it must be good.

They also offer a small number of Chinese dishes, but that stuff’s (of course!) not as good as the Indian fayre.

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Bollywood Masala

A one-minute walk from Taj Mahal, you have Bollywood Masala.

One of the largest Indian restaurants in Tbilisi, it’s perfect for big groups. It’s also a good option if you’re looking for an attractive location—set inside a cute cavernous place down a small flight of stairs, it’s a charming place to chow down. 

They offer a large selection of North Indian food, but they do a wide range of various stuff. The chana masala and daal are particularly delicious, but it’s all pretty tasty. 

Because it’s central, the prices are a little higher than most other places on this list. But it’s still affordable for all budgets, and it’s very homely and welcoming. 

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Spice Garden

  • Best for: Halal food, some fantastic meat dishes, and a (slightly) classier experience than most other places we’ve featured 
  • Website: https://spicegarden.co/en/ 
  • Address: 123 Davit Aghmashenebeli Avenue

Very close to Sanjha Chulha, Spice Garden is another good Marjanishvili option. 

Like pretty much all of the Indian restaurants in Tbilisi, it’s pretty casual. That said, it’s slightly more classy than most of the other places on this list. 

The staff are very friendly, the meat dishes are great, and they also serve some excellent Pakistani food. It’s a little expensive, but as you’ve probably worked out by now, that’s always the case in Marjanishvili. I recommend the Kadai, the chicken tikka, and anything with mutton.

All of their food is halal—so if that’s what you’re looking for, this is definitely one of the best Indian restaurants in Tbilisi. 

Green Chili

These guys serve up something a little different, specializing (in their own words) in “Indo-Chinese Fusion” food. So if you’ve ever wanted Indian and Chinese flavours mingling and mixing on one plate, get yourself to Green Chili. 

I recommend the pepper chicken, the chicken Manchurian rice, and the chicken schezwan rice. And because it’s a fusion place, they also serve noodle dishes, which you won’t find in many other Indian restaurants in Tbilisi.

Sandwiched between Delisi and Medical University Metro stations, it’s one of the best options in central Saburtalo.

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If you’re looking for under-the-radar, this is one of the best Indian restaurants in Tbilisi. Tucked away in a relatively quiet part of town, not many people know about the place—but once they find out about it, they keep coming back for more. 

If it weren’t for the hidden location, this place would be way more popular. The food is excellent, the prices are low, and it’s one of the best spots in town for South Indian fayre.

Because it’s so basic and bare, this place feels more like an office canteen than a restaurant. But don’t let that put you off—the staff are super welcoming and friendly, and you’ll feel right at home. If you like bare-bones eateries, you’ll love Boofiya, and I can’t recommend it enough.

And as a nice little bonus, the milkshakes are surprisingly great. 

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Indian Express

  • Best for: A (relatively) classy atmosphere, a cute romantic date, and eating what I reckon is some of the best Indian food in Tbilisi 
  • Website: https://www.indianexpress.ge/ 
  • Address: 179 Shalva Nutsubidze Street

Because it’s in a slightly-less-busy part of the city, Indian Express is a little underrated—I genuinely reckon it’s some of the best Indian food in the city. I don’t think enough people come here.

You’ll spend more money here than you might expect, but it’s totally worth it. It has a reputation for being the ‘nicest’ Indian restaurant in Tbilisi.

It’s a little classier than most other places we’ve featured. Indian Express is a good option for a romantic date or treating yourself.

But although it’s relatively upmarket, it’s still a very laid-back place, with no pretence or pomp.

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  • Best for: Gujarati specialties, getting away from the city’s tourists, and hanging around with students
  • Website: https://www.facebook.com/rangoliisani/ 
  • Address: 98 Ketevan Dedofali Avenue

Sitting in the south of the city, Rangoli is one of the best Indian restaurants in Tbilisi if you’re looking for a lively atmosphere. It’s often pretty busy, and it’s a really friendly place.

Another student-centric hangout, you probably won’t find many tourists here. So if you want to get away from the main sprawl, the main sites, and all the other travellers, Rangoli is a perfect spot.

Although they serve up pretty diverse stuff, the team at Rangoli specializes in Gujarati food. So if you like gobbling down on hyper-regional cuisine, I really recommend visiting.

And as a nice bonus, it’s very close to Isani Metro, so the restaurant is easy to reach.

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Ikka’s Cafe

Another excellent option for a laid-back bite, Ikka’s Cafe is easily one of the most informal places on our list. Canteen-style, it’s no-frills, but I reckon these places often serve up the tastiest (and authentic) fayre.

North of Dighomi Massive, it’s not a great option for city-centre food. But like many of the places we’ve featured, it’s hugely popular with young Indians who live in the city—lots of the student population live in this part of Tbilisi. Packs of them flock to Ikka’s Cafe.

They offer daily specials on a rotating menu. It’s a perfect choice for a bargain bite.

For affordable and laid-back, Ikka’s Cafe is one of the best Indian restaurants in Tbilisi.


  • Best for: Excellent South Indian food, some of the best dosas you’ve ever eaten, and a reasonably classy setting (for this part of town)
  • Website: https://www.facebook.com/aromatbilisi/ 
  • Address: 49/8 Ketevan Tsamebuli Avenue

Relatively close to Rangoli Restaurant, Aroma is a pretty place, with some nice decor and a welcoming vibe. It’s about as classy as you get in this part of the city, but (and I know this is becoming a recurring theme!) it’s still a low-key place, and you’ll always find lots of Indian students here.

It’s one of the best Indian restaurants in Tbilisi for South Indian food, and all the stuff you get is super authentic. The dosas and biryanis are both incredible, but my favourite dish here is the gobi Manchurian.

And best of all, it’s right beside 300 Areguila metro. If you want Indian eats without having to wander very far to get them, this is one of the best options in the city.

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Sher e Punjab

  • Best for: Nicely-presented food, great thali trays, and eating close to Rustaveli Metro station
  • Website: https://sherepunjab.ge/ 
  • Address: 9 Giorgi Akhvlediani Street

Right beside Rustaveli Metro station, Sher e Punjab is another good choice if you’re looking for centrally-located eats and treats. 

They mainly serve North Indian food. I recommend the chana paneer, the daal makhani, and the dum aloo Kashmiri. The thali trays are also excellent, but whatever you get always looks and tastes great.

If you like nicely-presented food, this is one of the best Indian restaurants in Tbilisi—the stuff is always plated up nicely. 

But most importantly, one of my Indian friends loves this place and thinks it’s super authentic. So if that’s what you’re looking for, you won’t find many better options than Sher e Punjab.

As a strange bonus, Sher e Punjab organizes trips and excursions around Tbilisi and across the entirety of Georgia. So if you’re looking for an unusual combo of day trips and daals, you’ve somehow found it.

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Maharajah Indian Palace

Also, right in the centre of Tbilisi’s old town, this is one of the best Indian restaurants in Tbilisi if you’re on the hunt for an easy-to-access location. 

It’s hugely popular with tourists and locals and located right beside the Taj Mahal and Bollywood Masala.

It’s one of the busiest Indian restaurants in Tbilisi, which is always a good sign that the food is tasty and fresh. They mainly serve North Indian food, but because they cater to tourists, you’ll find a wide range of stuff, and it’s all pretty good. Compared to most other places in the city centre, the portions are huge.

They only serve halal food, and they don’t serve alcohol.

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Last up, another informal eatery away from the central sprawl—this place is best described as a North Indian cafe.

It’s pretty popular with lots of the city’s ex-pats—I have lots of friends who love this place (and I’m one of them). Again, you won’t find many (or any!) short-term tourists here. It’s perfect if you want to get away from all the hotspots.

They specialize in Indian snacks, such as panipuri, chaat, samosas, bhajis and more. If you like chewing and chomping on different things, and you don’t just want to eat curry and rice, Haveli is a great option. 

If you’re on a budget, it’s one of the best Indian restaurants in Tbilisi—the prices are low, and the portions are pretty big.

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Final Thoughts and Further Reading

There they are—the 15 best Indian restaurants in Tbilisi. Thanks for reading, you hungry hero!

Want to know anything else about travelling in Tbilisi? Check out our Tbilisi guides below:

And if you’re planning to stay for a while, you might be interested in our handy neighbourhood guide, stuffed with all the best places to live in the city.

See you next time!

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